Rush Limbaugh Releases Video of Hillary – In Less Than 2 Minutes He BLOWS UP The Internet

Liberals claim Conservative journalists and websites have cornered the market on “fake news.” Unfortunately for Hillary Clinton, as Rush Limbaugh aptly points out, just because you do not like what you are hearing or reading, does not mean it’s a lie.

Rush created a brief montage of the the fake news Hillary Clinton herself uttered. Every single one of these statements is a complete lie, Limbaugh notes.


“This fake news stuff going on out there. You know what this fake news stuff is? Just a distraction. The fake news is the drive-by media! The fake news was all of the polling going into this election. The fake news is all of the misreporting on Trump. The reason why there is any fake news is because the mainstream media has lost its credibility.” Rush Limbaugh said all of this and more during a recent episode of his radio show.

Hillary’s lies in the video range from the bizarre to the absurd. No one will ever forget her “landing under sniper fire” whopper.

The Democrat career politician also claimed to have been named after a famous climber who reached the summit of Mount Everest. Unfortunately for Hillary, the daring deed accomplished by the athletic man did not happen until six years AFTER she was born!

Limbaugh went on to say that when a news entity maintains any type of trustworthiness or credibility, any fake news they put out is detected immediately — and never fails to attract attention from the readers and/or viewers. Do any such media outlets still exist in the mainstream media? Rush sure doesn’t think so.

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“The drive-by media announced that they were getting rid of objectivity. They announced that they were going partisan. They did it on the front page of the New York Times in a piece by Jim Rutenberg,” Limbaugh added.

When the mainstream media opted to cast of the ethics and principles of journalism, they became the biggest purveyors of fake news. The Liberal pundits and their puppet masters found the idea of a President Donald Trump so distasteful that they dove head first into the fake news churning business – and never looked back!

“Now, I understand that the drive-bys have not been practicing real journalism for a long time. But in the eyes of many, including low-information crowd, they still had credibility. If the New York Times said it, if CBS, ABC said it, the tendency was to believe it. That’s gone,” Limbaugh continued.

The Liberal pundits, unlike patriotic American voters, were stunned into near-silence and tears when it became apparent Donald Trump would win. All the polls they had taken, reaching out only to their own ilk and city dwellers, were wrong. The American people did not listen to them and didn’t vote on command – how could that be?

The Liberal pundits are still in a state of shock. But they’ve continued to create fake news, now in an attempt to spark more division in America and minimize Trump in the eyes of the world.

Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results is the layman’s definition of crazy. The mainstream media and the Democrats can continue to try to convince America that anything we hear, read, or see which does not come from them is fake news — but no one is buying it anymore!


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