Scott Baio Just Got SWEET REVENGE On Trump-Hating Nordstrom. It’s PERFECT.

if you are going to get back at someone, you have to hit them where it hurts. and that is exactly what one of our favorite actors just did.

Scott Baio just informed Nordstrom they will NEVER be getting another penny of his money, and is was apparently a LOT of money…

The liberals are not the only ones who can boycott, you see. After the company stopped carrying Ivanka’s line, many conservatives stopped buying from the store altogether.

The move to no longer carry Ivanka’s lines was timed just after Trump put out his order to ban the immigration from seven countries in the Middle East, and it is believed that Nordstrom broke under the pressure the liberals were inflicting when they threatened to boycott the store.

So, now, conservatives are boycotting it. It’s silly that stores and other companies are bringing politics into everything these days, but if it’s a fight they want, then that’s what they will get. We will spend our money elsewhere!

Many people who support Trump are supporting Baio’s move and following suit by refusing to shop at the clothing store. It’s funny — the liberals had a march for women several weeks ago, talking about women empowerment, yet they want to destroy the hard work of an empowered woman like Ivanka.

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So, you want to empower women, but only liberal women? Why does it have to be one and not the other? If you are a feminist, then you stand for ALL women. But conservative women are more than capable of standing up for themselves.

Take Joy Villa, a singer who rocked the red carpet wearing a pro-Trump dress; cascading down the front of her dress were the words “Make American Great Again” and on her train in big, jewel-encrusted letters was “TRUMP.”

Villa wore this dress at the Grammy Awards, showing her pro-Trump views in the lion’s den of liberals, and nothing bad happened to her. In fact, many have been sending encouraging tweets and messages to her for being brave enough to wear the dress.

She had 15,000 followers before wearing the dress, but afterward she had around 87,000, and her music sales on iTunes have skyrocketed. Her music has soared 18,106,633 percent! And that is all because of Trump fans, so if Nordstrom doesn’t want our business, that’s their loss.

If Villa’s record jump in sales is any indication, or if electing Trump when everyone thought he would lose shows anything, it’s that conservatives and Trump supporters have a big impact on America. Good luck, Nordstrom — see if you can stay in business with only the liberals and the illegals buying your merchandise!

Since none of them want to work, it should not be long before their welfare checks run out and you are out of business!


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