SCUM! Thug Shoots & Kills Tacoma Officer While Using Kids As Human Shields

In a disgusting, barbaric murder of a Tacoma officer, a pos scumbag hid behind two children as he opened fire on Wednesday.

Officers were called to the home of Bruce Johnson after reports of domestic violence. Johnson’s wife told animal control officers who were working nearby that he had locked her out of the house and had taken her cell phone. The officers then called Tacoma police.

Officer Reginald “Jake” Gutierrez arrived at the home with his female partner. Gutierrez and his partner entered the home and proceeded upstairs with Gutierrez in the lead. As Gutierrez neared Johnson in an attempt to talk to him, Johnson opened fire, hitting Gutierrez several times. His female partner fired several shots towards Johnson while retreating.

The female officer was able to get Johnson’s wife out of the house to safety.

Johnson then barricaded himself in the home and fired at police while using two children, a boy, 8, and a girl, 11 (Some news reports have the ages being 6 & 8), as human shields.

Officers entered the home to retrieve Gutierrez. He was taken to a nearby hospital where he succumbed to his wounds.


Officers were able to rescue the boy, and wanted to try and get the girl. After the boy was safe, a SWAT team officer was able to get a shot off that killed Johnson.

Via CBS News:

At a news conference Thursday morning, Pierce County Sheriff’s Deputy Ed Troyer said during the standoff, the suspect was using the children, an 8-year-old boy and an 11-year-old girl, as a shield and was making threats against them. Officers didn’t immediately know there were children in the house and became aware of their presence during the standoff, Cool said.

At one point, officers were able to separate one of the children from the suspect.

“When they were able to rescue the boy, there was an opening to rescue the girl,” Cool said. “That provoked the shot to take the suspect out.”

Troyer said while the other child was still with the suspect, a Pierce County SWAT deputy was able to take a shot at the suspect, firing one round that killed him. Both children are safe and unhurt.

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“We were able to get the suspect cornered and trapped, even though he had two kids,” Troyer said. “We had a SWAT member who had a clear shot. We fired one round, which struck him.”

Kristi Croskey, an African-American woman who owned the home and rented it to Johnson was inside during the standoff. She hid in a bathroom and was able to escape.

Croskey was interviewed by press after the incident. She praised Tacoma police, and said she didn’t want to hear about “Black Lives Matter” just because Johnson, a black man, was shot by police. She went on to say that “all lives matter.”

I don’t want to hear about Black Lives Matter, because all lives matter. I do not want to hear about the police officers being inhumane and shooting people unnecessarily or any of those things. I want to say that the Tacoma Police Department handled this matter with such professionalism despite their own being shot.”

Police from Tacoma honored their fallen colleague. Officer Gutierrez was engaged to be married, and was a father.


An impromptu procession was held for Gutierrez.

Officer Gutierrez is the 200th law enforcement official shot & killed this year.

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RIP, Officer Gutierrez.

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