See which countries read the most ISIS propaganda (and where the U.S. ranks)

A study by the Policy Exchange, a London-based think tank, revealed a list of the countries whose residents click on the most propaganda content from the Islamic State. Read the full study here.

The list

  1. Turkey
  2. United States
  3. Saudi Arabia
  4. Iraq
  5. United Kingdom

Other findings

  • 40 percent of clicks on ISIS content were referred through Twitter.
  • ISIS is producing more content than ever, including thousands of videos
  • Media production has not been hindered by the death of key ISIS leaders
  • The content is often theologically based, portraying jihadists as the only true Muslims

Why this matters

While the total number of people accessing ISIS propaganda in any of the above-listed countries is only in the tens of thousands, the threat of “lone wolf” terror attacks carried about by radicalized individuals has grown in recent years, particularly in Europe. It only takes one person buying into the Islamic State message to cost the lives of innocent people.

Instead of putting efforts toward suppressing conservative views online, internet service providers and social networks should make a more concerted effort toward preventing their platforms from being used as vehicles for terrorist propaganda.


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