Senator Ted Cruz SLAMS The UN: STOP US Funding Until Israel Vote ‘Reversed’

On Friday, Barack Obama, John Kerry and Samantha Power officially stabbed Israel in the back at the UN. I was not shocked by this move… in fact, I expected it. In a 14-0 vote on Friday, the UN officially condemned Israel for their settlements on their own freaking land in the West Bank and East Jerusalem. Obama joined the Islamic jackals by abstaining during the vote. It was the most disgraceful act in 50 years concerning Israel. Ted Cruz nailed the UN and everyone involved in this travesty against our strongest ally, Israel.

Obama should have vetoed this move by this group of communist dictators and Islamic thugs, just as he did in 2011. But it was a parting middle finger salute to Israel as he leaves office. Ted Cruz, Frank Gaffney, Lindsey Graham and many others are now calling for stopping US funding to the UN until this is reversed and if it isn’t, dump the UN. Trump is all in favor of that it would seem and he warned the UN that things were going to change radically come Jan. 20th when he takes office. Amen to that and it’s long overdue.

From the Washington Examiner:

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz put the United Nations on notice Saturday evening, issuing his toughest statement yet in response to Friday’s vote to condemn Israeli settlement building.

In a tweet, the Republican lawmaker said he spoke with Israeli Prime Minister Saturday evening to not only wish him a happy Hanukkah, but also to “assure him of strong support in Congress.”


“No US $ for UN until reversed,” he added. That comment suggests that Cruz has made his mind up since Friday, when he said he looked forward to working with Sen. Lindsey Graham and President-elect Trump “to significantly reduce or even eliminate U.S. funding of the United Nations, and also to seriously reconsider financial support for the nations that supported this resolution.”

In a 14-0 vote on Friday, the U.N. Security Council condemned Israel for settlements in areas of the West Bank and East Jerusalem. The Obama administration abstained on the measure, marking a significant shift of U.S. policy just weeks before Obama completes his second term in the White House.

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Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu is beyond furious over this and says that Israel will not recognize the resolution. I don’t blame him at all. A whole slew of Republicans and many Democrats are extremely angry over this move by Obama. “It is extremely frustrating, disappointing and confounding that the administration has failed to veto this resolution,” said incoming Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer of New York. “[I]ts actions will move us further from peace in the Middle East.” Far be it from me to ever agree with Schumer over anything, but he’s right here. In fact, what Obama just did virtually killed the two state solution. Maybe he did everyone a favor after all.

I’ll leave you with the very strong and apropos rebuke from Senator Ted Cruz:

Today’s United Nations vote is the culmination of this administration’s systemic agenda to weaken #Israel and strengthen its enemies.

Every Obama foreign policy official should be ashamed of today’s UN resolution, and any official who disagrees with or hopes to avoid the anti-Israel legacy of this Administration should resign on principle today.

I also emphatically second the call of my colleague Sen. Lindsey Graham that the consequences of this disgraceful UN resolution should be severe. I look forward to working with Sen. Graham, and with the incoming Administration of President-elect Trump, to significantly reduce or even eliminate U.S. funding of the United Nations, and also to seriously reconsider financial support for the nations that supported this resolution. For those who have put your name to this despicable attack on Israel, you did so with full knowledge of the consequences of your actions.

And for those who acquiesced or facilitated the UN resolution–especially President Obama, Secretary Kerry, and Ambassador Power–history will record your abiding and shameful legacy undermining our friend and ally Israel. I am hopeful at least some Senate Democrats will choose to repudiate your anti-Israel actions, and I am grateful that the new Administration has committed to once again restoring our strong and unequivocal support for the Nation of Israel.


What he said… twice. The only thing the UN has ever been good for is sucking money out of the US and cuddling with communists and Islamists. Get us the hell out of the UN and never forget those who supported hatred of Israel.

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