Sheriff Hits Lib Punk Who Wanted to Blow Up Courthouse With Swift Justice


A North Carolina punk who threatened on social media to blow up a local courthouse and the Confederate monument that stands beside it came face-to-face with the brutal hand of justice Friday when deputies arrested him and tossed him into jail on a $10,000 bail.

The potential threat to the Alamance County Courthouse and its adjoining monument, which features a Confederate soldier, was discovered during an investigation launched by the local sheriff’s department in response to recent anti-Confederate protests and riots across the country, according to WNCN.

The investigation determined that Graham resident Thomas Lee Jeffries Jr., 24, had posted a threat to social media involving “blowing the courthouse up,” as quoted by the Winston-Salem Journal.


He has since been charged with attempting to incite a riot with “the potential for criminal actions directed at the Historic Courthouse and Monument located in Graham,” a statement by the Alamance County Sheriff’s Office reportedly said.

During a news briefing Friday, Sheriff Terry Johnson said the sheriff’s office is not taking a stand on any controversy involving monuments, but made it clear that criminal protests would not be tolerated.

“We will have zero tolerance against any crime here in Alamance County,” Johnson said.


District Attorney Pat Nadolski added that Jeffries’ past criminal history played a role in his decision to pursue an incitement charge

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Watch the briefing in full below:

Johnson hit the balance perfectly.


His deputies aren’t involved in the politics of Confederate statuary, but they are involved in enforcing the law and maintaining order. If the Democrat leaders of Charlottesville, Virginia; Boston, Massachusetts, and other Democrat-dominated areas had the same commitment, the whole “controversy” over Confederate monuments in this country would be taking place in a much more peaceful environment.

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