She’s Buying Turkey When Stranger Says He’ll Pay. Then She Realizes Who It Is…

Famed actor Jon Voight bestowed a little Louisville love on the Kentucky community when he purchased a half-dozen turkeys for children living in crisis. The Midnight Cowboy star rode into Walmart just in time to startle a woman with the random act of kindness: and now, the story is going viral.

Sydney Gholston is an employee at “Home of the Innocents,” a non-profit center in Louisville. The Home is dedicated to protecting and providing for some of the most vulnerable children in Kentucky.

Gholston was at Walmart to purchase six frozen turkeys for the children’s Thanksgiving celebration when a random man struck up a conversation. Intrigued by the number of turkeys in Gholston’s cart, the white-haired man joked that she must have a large family to cook for.


“I was helping the cashier scan the turkeys,” Gholston recalled in an interview. “The man started talking to me and he said, ‘you must have a big family.’ I started telling him about our facility and he seemed really interested.”

What happened next left the young woman stunned. She took a good look at the stranger’s face and realized who he was.

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“I looked up again and I saw his face really good,” Gholston stated. “I said, you know you look just like Angelina Jolie’s dad and he said, ‘why would I look like that?’”

Grinning broadly, Jon Voight confirmed his identity and happily paid for the turkeys. He then posed for a picture with Gholston, which she eagerly posted on the Home of the Innocents’ Facebook page.

“I was excited and blessed and at the right place at the right time,” Gholston said. Voight’s generosity will help feed approximately 70 children at the shelter.

“We were so appreciative of his kindness!” said Meredith Pack, marketing manager for Home of the Innocents. “He was very interested in the Home and the services that we provide,” Pack stated.

Voight was reportedly in Louisville to film an upcoming movie. His act of kindness has helped raise awareness for the Home of the Innocents and the very important work that they do.

“Mr. Voight, God Bless You for this loving and kind act of giving!” commented one reader. “The world was a beautiful place during that act.”

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