SHOCK: Obama Blocked the Deportation of Half a Million Illegal Immigrants!

When I first saw this story and saw what it was about and who was included in it, my first thought was: “Of course he did.”

Barack Obama is one American president who most of us wish never happened. He was selected and pushed into the role for political purposes within the Democrat Party. Liberals did so much mischief under him. He wanted to be a Hollywood star instead of the commander-in-chief.

His policies directly harmed citizens. He sided with thugs against law enforcement. He backed Muslim protection over Christians who were being attacked on a daily basis in the Middle East. He also protected illegal aliens and treated them better than American voters.

Learning that he blocked over 500,000 illegal aliens because he chose to not enforce deportation should be classified as an attack on all Americans.

According to the Washington Examiner,

The massive backlog is being tackled by Immigration and Customs Enforcement, but the sheer numbers — bigger than the populations of Atlanta or Sacramento — is overwhelming the agency’s enforcement and removal department.

This week as ICE and other immigration officials reviewed successes under President Trump, a reporter asked Matthew T. Albence, executive associate director for enforcement and removal operations, if he knew the number of outstanding deportation orders. The conversation went this way: Albence: “Ballpark is going to be around 550,000. Reporter: “Whoa. Why is it so high?” Albence: “Well for a large part of the last four or five years we’ve been unable to take enforcement action against those individuals.”

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Obama always thought he could look presidential by tilting his head back so he could look down his nose. Everything about Obama’s actions reminded me of the movie “My Fair Lady” where a low-class woman was taken in, trained, and then passed off as an elite.

They really thought they would put a “celebrity” puppet in the White House, and we would be so busy talking about his dancing on TV shows (or whatever) we wouldn’t notice them dismantling our country. Well, most of us saw it, and decided that we didn’t want another politician going forward. We wanted someone from our side to go to Washington and do things the way we wanted and that’s why we chose President Trump.

What do you think about Obama blocking 500,000 illegal alien deportations? How will Trump fix this? SHARE your response below in the comment section.

Video H/t – Twitter/Stump4TrumpPAC


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