Shock Report BLOWS HOLES In Liberal Myth That Trump’s Travel Costs More Than Obama’s

We have heard over and over again that Trump is traveling too much and it is costing us money. It turns out the Democrats are lying AGAIN!

The mainstream media has been proudly saying that Trump’s vacations to Florida are going to cost the taxpayers $3 million dollars per trip. It turns out they were just trying to heckle Trump because of how he criticized Obama for his trips. An actual report shows that it is only $1 million per trip, at most. Compare that price to the $96 million Obama used for vacations alone during his two terms. (via AP News)

Trump has publicly spoken out against Obama since 2011. He made it clear that Obama is spending way too much of the taxpayers’ money on vacation. The biased left made sure to attack Trump when he took multiple trips down to Florida for both business and rest.

Since his time as president he has met with two leaders from other countries, showing that this is way more than a vacation spot. As you would expect, the left has not said a word about these being dual-purpose trips. They are merely launching personal attacks against a president that they didn’t want to win.

The fact of the matter is this: a study disproved their $3 million dollar figure almost immediately. They broke down the expenses and it turned out that it is closer to a million dollars.

The question many people had was about where the $3 million figure came from. The number actually came from a trip that Obama took to Florida during his presidency. The cost for this particular trip was $3.6 million dollars.

It doesn’t surprise me that the Democrats and mainstream have been playing games with this issue all along. The truth is there are many different factors that go into these trips, and one will never be like the other.

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This is just another attempt at a smear campaign from the left. They want an excuse to hate President Trump. Regardless of how trendy it seems, they keep getting put down time and time again.

A new, more accurate report is being compiled to figure out exactly what the numbers look like. We can’t wait to have a solid look at the numbers so that we can show the left ONCE and FOR ALL that they are wrong on this subject. It seems like the number of accusations the Democrats come up with is endless. We are not worried about them because we will continue to prove them wrong at every turn.

Another factor that the left is currently ignoring involves the additional costs for Obama’s trips. He would often make nonsensical routes to different places instead of using a logical path. This is revealed in the latest report on Obama’s presidential expenses. He was practically burning money when he was making the Air Force One jet make multiple trips to locations for “pleasure” trips. Yet, the left wants to constantly hammer President Trump when the information on Obama is already on the books.

We recommend they take a look at the numbers of the last president before they continue with the accusations!


Are you okay with President Trump using your tax dollars to go on business and pleasure trips? Let us know in the comments below!


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