Shock: Ultimate Fight Breaks Out Between 2 Unbelievable Creatures


Not many people are comfortable seeing a large alligator standing in their path, and some other creatures apparently feel the same way about it.

The Miami Herald recently reported on a viral video that showed a wild horse acting aggressively toward a huge alligator in a nature preserve in central Florida.

The incident took place in the Paynes Prairie Preserve State Park just south of Gainesville and was caught on video by a group of recent college graduates out for a hike.


The video showed a group of about five wild horses, including a young foal, grazing in the tall grass while the gator basked in the sun on the cleared path.

One of the horses, perhaps in a bid to protect the foal, rushed the gator and kicked it. When the gator only moved a couple of steps and settled back down, the horse circled around and attacked again, this time stomping hard on the beast while earning a nip on one of its legs in return from the mouth filled with sharp teeth.

According to the Orlando Sentinel, the second attack seemed to do the trick, as the scaly reptile slowly lumbered off in the opposite direction from the herd of wild horses.


You can see the encounter here:

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“Horse attacking a gator at Paynes Prairie. I’m still shaking,” wrote Krystal M. Berry in a Facebook post, along with video of the incident she had witnessed.

“I did contact the reserve to check on the horse and gator,” Berry added. “There were no clear signs of distress/bleeding when we left the site.”


The roughly 22,000-acre park, which became Florida’s first state preserve in 1971, is home to hundreds of different species of wild animals, including alligators and horses, bison, bald eagles and other types of birds, fish and reptiles.

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