SHOCK VIDEO – Did CNN Just Tell Viewers To MURDER Donald Trump?

CNN’s back-to-back coverage of the protests just wasn’t hitting the right nerve anymore. They had to be even more outrageous.

In one of their latest segments they showed video of an assassination attempt while discussing President-Elect Donald Trump! The assassination attempt in question was on Ronald Reagan, and the video captured a flurry of movement while citizens tried to escape the violence and guards tried to protect the President.


Without skipping a beat, one CNN commentator went on to say that it is “a valid point that [Trump] is not the President… he’s only been the President-Elect for a week.”

What on earth is going on at CNN? First, to this commentator, what does it matter whether Trump has been sworn in or not?

We hope, honestly, that he wasn’t trying to imply it’s fine to assassinate the rightfully elected President just because he hasn’t been sworn in yet. That would be atrocious.

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At least there was one commentator injecting some sense into the discussion. The woman insisted that Trump is the President, clarifying that he is the “President-Elect.”

Look, it was a brilliant move by our Founding Fathers to allow a few months of transition from one administration to the next. This protects the peaceful transition of power, which greatly benefits our country. It gives our president time to select his appointments carefully. It also ensures the president-elect has time to adjust to his new role before he has to deal with any major decisions or crises. This makes our president more effective and our nation safer.

Just because Trump has yet to be sworn in, doesn’t make him any less our President. Assassinating him would still be treason, not to mention a horrific crime, like all murder!

While, we hope, CNN is going to come out with a statement in light of this segment that decries any attempt at violence on the President-Elect, you have to wonder how this segment got past their producers. Who approved this and how did they not see that it could be understood to imply that assassinating President-Elect Trump is better than assassinating President Trump?

Someone at CNN needs to get their head on straight.


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