SNL Writer Who Attacked Barron Trump FINALLY Got What She Deserves

SNL was delayed in responding, which infuriated Donald Trump supporters, but one of its writers has finally been punished for her attack on 10-year-old Barron Trump.

SNL removed Katie Rich from the comedy’s show’s writing credits following her viral tweet that said Barron Trump would become the nation’s “first homeschool shooter.” Rich shared a photo of Barron Trump with her tweet, circling his face in red, via the InquisitrRumors are now flying around this was a preemptive move to her eventual firing. 

Neither NBC nor Saturday Night Live producers will comment on Rich’s tweet or her current status with the network.

If this was a temporary move, we will know in a week or so if her name pops back up on the credits, but we are hoping the firing rumors turn out to be more fact than fiction.

The liberal bias showcased on SNL is showing now more than ever.

If a Saturday Night Live writer had made an equally horrific and nasty comment about one of Barack Obama’s daughters or Chelsea Clinton, a comment and termination would most likely have been immediate.

Rich, 33, is a Chicago native. She is one of four SNL writers exclusively tasked with writing the show’s popular “Weekend Update” segment. In 2015, she was nominated for a Writer’s Guild Award for Comedy/Variety Sketch Series.

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Katie Rich has been a writer for the comedy show since 2013. An online petition calling for Rich’s firing garnered more than 54,000 signatures, Fox News reports.

The SNL writer deleted her tweet very quickly after fervent backlash was heaped upon her, but the internet is forever – allowing tens of millions of Americans to see what Katie Rich has said about an innocent 10-year-old boy.

Her website,, is “down for maintenance.” Perhaps the non-stop slew of comments bashing her for attacking a child prompted the decision to take down the website. Serves her right. I hope she’s realized how deeply she erred and is drafting an apology.

Bullying a child is never acceptable behavior. NBC and Saturday Night Live are unwilling to admit even that much, proving how far the mainstream media are willing to bend over to push their liberal narrative on the American people.


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