Stats Analysis Labels Clinton’s Efforts To Win Over Sanders’ Fans A ‘Failure’

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has been unsuccessful in winning over many supporters of her Democratic primary rival, Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., according to a new analysis of recent polling.

Sanders and Clinton waged a primary battle that grew increasingly bitter as the months wore on, coming to a head when a WikiLeaks email hack revealed Democratic leaders had a thumb on the race in favor of Clinton. Although Sanders urged supporters to back Clinton at the Democratic National Convention last month, the presidential nominee was booed various times throughout the event, while some even chanted “lock her up!” whenever her name was mentioned.

In the wake of the convention, the statistical analysis website FiveThirtyEight looked at polls from CNN, Fox News, Marist and YouGov to determine whether Clinton had fully brought Sanders supporters into the fold.

The poll found that when voters were given a third-party candidate option, one third of Sanders supports still do not support Clinton, with an average of 63 percent supporting her.

When the choice was narrowed between Clinton or Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, Clinton fared better, receiving 78 percent support among Sanders supporters.

In concluding his analysis of the poll results, Harry Enten of FiveThirtyEight noted that “the Democratic convention seems to have been somewhat of a failure in convincing Sanders voters who oppose Trump to consolidate behind Clinton …”

This was made clear in a survey released last week by the Bernie Delegates Network, an independent group of Sanders backers.

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That survey said only 21 percent of 462 Sanders delegates were “more enthusiastic” about Clinton after the convention-ending speeches.

The survey reported that 45 percent of polled Sanders backers were “less enthusiastic” about Clinton than before the convention.

Green Party candidate Jill Stein believes Sanders’ supporters will help her candidacy.

“Politics as we know it is melting down in front of our very eyes, voters are in revolt, are rejecting the Democratic and Republican candidates at record numbers,” she said.

Voters are dissatisfied with their choices, Stein added.

“Hillary and Donald [Trump] are the most disliked and untrusted candidates for president in U.S. history and even their supporters don’t really support them, they just don’t like the other candidate. People are clamoring for more choices. We are that other choice.”

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