Steven Colbert Roasts Rachel Maddow in Parody


Liberal MSNBC host Rachel Maddow recently made a big deal about two of President Donald Trump’s tax forms that were leaked to the media.

Trump’s taxes have been a source of controversy since the 2016 presidential campaign when he refused to release them to the public, but Maddow attempted to build up the drama surrounding the leaked forms with a 20-minute introduction on her Tuesday show — an act that has since made her the subject of mockery.

But it hasn’t been only conservatives who have attacked the pretentious liberal journalist about her ridiculous Trump tax form preamble, as fellow liberal Stephen Colbert also poked fun at Maddow on Wednesday’s “The Late Show.”


The late night talk show host teased the punchline to an “exclusive joke” about Trump for nearly three minutes while doing a fine mimicry of Maddow.

“I hold in my hand something very significant,” Colbert said, dressed in a Maddow-like blazer in front of a graphic similar to the one used on “The Rachel Maddow Show.”

“It is a joke, a joke that we have confirmed has been heard by Donald Trump. We believe this is the first time any joke dealing with Donald Trump has been released.”


Colbert began to tell the traditional, “Why did the chicken cross the road” joke, but he paused halfway through, saying, “but first a word on chickens.”

He then proceeded to rant, at length, about chickens, and he even pulled out a live chicken as an “expert.”

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“Why did the chicken cross the road?” Colbert finally continued. “OK, what are roads?” he asked and launched into a series of questions and facts about roads instead of finishing the joke — much like the way Maddow couldn’t seem to get to the point about Trump on her Tuesday show.

Then, when it seemed like Colbert would finally deliver the joke’s much-anticipated punchline, he tossed to a commercial break.


Watch Colbert mock Maddow here:

We rarely agree with the Trump-hating Colbert on political issues, but he’s certainly right that Maddow’s ridiculous and unnecessary intro into her report on Trump’s tax forms was worth mocking.

This is one of many reasons why no one with any sense takes Maddow seriously as a journalist — she’s more concerned with promoting her agenda (which apparently takes forever to do) than reporting the news.

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