Study Reveals How Much Trump Has Saved Taxpayers In Just 3 Months, And It’s MIND-BLOWING

Taxpayers’ money is being respected once again with a businessman in the Oval Office. Thank you, President Trump!

It has been three months since President Trump took office and the numbers are in. During his short time as president, Trump has saved the tax payers over $86 billion in regulatory spending. (via American Action Forum)

The American Action Forum released a report revealing the savings. President Trump and Republican lawmakers have repealed or reversed numerous Obama era regulations that were costing us billions.

The study determined that the $86 billion was saved as a result of repealing just 13 CRA regulations enacted by Obama.

The regulatory reform did not just generate initial savings but will also free up $18.8 billion in annual regulatory costs. Less regulation will also save private businesses and consumers up to $60 billion a year the study found.

As a former businessman, President Trump understands the regulatory environment that will help businesses prosper. He is targeting burdensome and ineffectual regulation for removal to save businesses and taxpayers.

The billions in savings come in addition to the increases in tax revenue that is being generated as a result of the economic upswing.

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Since taking office, the market has responded incredibly favorably to the new administration. Optimism is at an all-time high, as investors feel confident spending in America once again. (via Allen B. West)

Last quarter marked one of the strongest growths in the job market in a generation. President Trump is getting Americans back to work by creating a regulatory environment that allows business to profit and grow.

The Obama administration shunned officials with private sector experience in favor of so-called intellectuals. These intellectuals had no understanding of what businesses need to survive and they designed burdensome regulation that hampered growth and slowed the economy.

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Luckily, the ideologically driven policies of the Obama administration are being rapidly repealed by Trump and Republicans in congress.

In just three months, President Trump has repealed huge swaths of burdensome regulation.The billions in savings is just the beginning of a four — possibly eight — year upward trajectory.


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