Tainted Shipment: 26 Cases of Bananas Harbor DEADLY Surprise


Police in Germany found much more than was listed on the manifest when, after receiving a tip from a concerned employee at a wholesale company, they inspected a shipment of bananas that had recently arrived from Ecuador.

According to The Associated Press, the company worker in Leverkusen, just outside of Cologne, alerted police to what he suspected were illicit drugs hidden inside a shipment of 26 cases of bananas from the small South American country.

A thorough search of the shipment revealed upwards of 850 pounds of what was thought to be cocaine individually packaged in hundreds of 1 kilogram packages. Subsequent tests of the substance confirmed as much.


Police also discovered what appeared to be a GPS transmitter, thought to be included in the shipment by the drug cartels to assist in the location of the smuggled goods once the shipment ultimately arrived in Hamburg, but before being distributed further, according to Breitbart.

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According to Business Insider, it was difficult for police to determine an actual street value for the smuggled drugs they seized, as prices can vary wildly across the continent.


The report further revealed that, despite Ecuador not being a producer of cocaine, it is nevertheless used as a sort of transit hub by the criminal cartels from which to smuggle their drugs in the various foodstuffs that make up the bulk of Ecuador’s exports.

In fact, this intercepted shipment was just the latest in a series of similar instances dating back several years, which can be confirmed by a simple Yahoo search for “cocaine found in bananas from Ecuador,” which turned up no fewer than 64,700 results.

There was no word on whether any arrests had been made at this time.

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