Texas Rancher Finds ‘Weird’ Item On His Land, Issues URGENT Warning to America

It’s time for liberals to stop believing it’s a-okay to let anyone in this country without vetting them. A Texas rancher just found clear evidence why they need to get it together.

The rancher found an Urdu dictionary on his land near the US-Mexican border, saying it is irrefutable proof that ISIS is coming into our country.

You see, Urdu is one of the man languages of the Middle East. It is prevalent in the Hindustan region of the Middle East and is actually the official language of Pakistan.

So, while the liberals are busy looking at PolitiFact or some other website that often tries to “debunk” our claims, there is no getting around the fact that yes, ISIS is probably here.

These same liberals often wanted to retch in their mouths when they saw the energy of Trump’s rallies. They wanted to throw up when they saw the energy in the crowd from the faces of people like you and me.

These bleeding hearts couldn’t stand the fact there was a deafening roar of “build the wall” emanating everywhere Donald Trump went. Well, these bleeding hearts need to get a life. They need to get out of their cocoons.

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These liberals need to get away from their circle of friends, unplug the laptop from their Starbucks, and start talking to people who feel a little bit differently than them. They need to realize what these Texas ranchers have known all along:  it isn’t just illegal immigrants coming across the border.

Finally, they need to realize these ranchers will perfectly acknowledge what Donald Trump said about the borders. When he said they were bringing drugs, sure enough they were. However, how are the liberals going to deal with the fact that it’s not just criminals and cartels coming across the border now?

Are they just going to pretend this problem doesn’t exist? Are they going to continue the disconnect that has existed between them and conservative thinkers?

Or, are these liberals going to realize that a secure border has nothing to do with racism, but it has everything to do with keeping people safe. Are they going to realize just why Donald Trump issued his travel ban in the first place?

It was to keep people safe, liberals. Grow up and stop crying into your hipster coffee just because of the travel ban!


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