Texas Senator John Cornyn: Trump Voters Don’t Want a Wall

Texas Senator John Cornyn might be a Republican from a deep-red state, but he doesn’t seem to know much about the average Trump supporter.

Trump was popular for several reasons: He promised to get tough on illegal immigration, he promised to restore law and order to the United States, and he promised to build the wall.

The wall, in particular, might be Donald Trump’s most popular policy. Trump certainly seemed to think so. While on the campaign trail, Trump confessed that he would circle back to “the wall” whenever his speeches lingered off-topic for too long.

But Senator Cornyn doesn’t seem to think the wall is that important. In fact, he thinks that the people of Texas — who voted overwhelmingly for Trump — don’t want a wall at all.

It’s an odd statement coming from a representative of the nation’s largest border state.

Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson has turned out some amazing interviews since taking over for Megyn Kelly earlier this year.

This week, he interviewed Texas Senator John Cornyn, who claimed that “no wall is necessary” in large parts of rural Texas.  When pressed, Cornyn claimed that Texas voters “voted for border security” not a border wall.

Watch the interview below:

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