Texas-Sized Temper: Poll Reveals Border State's True Feelings


Texas is a state — a great state, to be exact — whose residents understand that to run a nation, stringent laws must be applied and maintained, particularly with respect to immigration.

In fact, according to a recent poll of 1,000 Texans by the non-partisan Texas Lyceum, a 93-percent majority “said that immigration status should be checked when a person is arrested for a crime.” Included among these law-loving Texans were 99 percent of Republicans and a stunning 88 percent of Democrats.

These astonishing results from the poll, which was reportedly conducted from April 3 to April 9, belie the claim by the radical left that most Americans support illegal immigration and believe criminal aliens should be left alone.


There was one discrepancy, however. The poll also found that whereas an 86 percent majority of Republicans opposed “sanctuary city” laws, a meager 26 percent of Democrats felt similarly.

It’s a strange finding, to say the least, since “sanctuary city” and “sanctuary state” laws often prohibit local cops from working with federal authorities. This means, for instance, that police officers working in such jurisdictions would likely not be allowed to check a suspect’s immigration status.

The presumption is that the Texans who voiced support for such laws were uninformed — likely due to liberal media manipulation — of what exactly such rules do.

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But there were other oddities as well. While three-fourths of those surveyed expressed grave concern about illegal immigration, only 35 percent approved of President Donald Trump’s proposed border wall along the U.S.-Mexico border.

Moreover, a notable 90 percent of Texans showed support for a comprehensive immigration plan that would allow illegal immigrants to eventually earn citizenship.

“As previous polling has suggested, Texans, including Republicans and Democrats, express a remarkable degree of agreement over … immigration reform (beyond what) current debates might suggest,” the poll’s research director, Joshua Blank, noted in a news release that accompanied the poll. “While talking about immigration reform and a path to citizenship may on its surface be a poison pill, the components of immigration reform being discussed since at least 2013 remain popular.”

Apparently, this issue is not as clear-cut as some might prefer, but the point remains nevertheless that a majority of both Texan Republicans and Democrats agree that immigration status should be checked when a suspect is arrested.


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