That Time When Pro-Trump Gov. Rick Perry Pulled Out His Pistol and Shot…

Texans are big fans of guns for very good reasons. Once, Governor Rick Perry was lucky he had his gun on him.

Governor Rick Perry was jogging with his dog when a coyote attempted to attack his puppy, but he pulled out his .380 Ruger and shot the wild animal, via the Washington Post.

Guns are not just about protecting yourself from people. They are occasionally needed to put down wild animals. You can try fighting an animal with your arms, but they have claws and teeth and may be infected with rabies.

Perry stated he carries the gun with him while he goes running because he is afraid of snakes, but it was handy against this coyote.

Without it, the coyote could have killed his daughter’s puppy as well as himself or severely maimed him at the very least.

When liberals argue against gun rights (usually after the latest tragedy), they never bring up circumstances where guns saved lives. Yes, they can maim, but they can also be huge forces for good.

It all depends on the person who uses them, because a gun is a tool. It cannot act on its own but merely inflicts what the person pressing the trigger commands it to do. It’s like condemning a dog who is trained to fight. It’s not the dog’s fault — it’s the person who conditioned him or her to be that way.

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Perry did make the kill quick — the gun was equipped with a laser pointer, which helped him to do so effectively. He stated that the coyote “was not in a lot of pain. It pretty much went down at that particular juncture.” So, the animal did not unnecessarily suffer.

A gun can be used to stop violence and, in particular, to protect the innocent. If you have a break-in, a gun is the perfect tool to defend yourself. If you’re trapped down an alley while someone is stalking you, you can fire it from a distance to prevent your assault. This governor and his dog are alive because of a gun.

Taking away guns is not an answer to any violence. Criminals will still get guns in any case. And as for accidental firings that liberals so love to bring up, everyone needs to learn proper gun safety! If you shoot yourself in the foot or your child shoots someone, that is your fault!

Also, we want to keep guns because it is our right to do so. Instead of waiting and being a “damsel in distress,” an armed woman can protect her own life from people or animals. Our rights are just as important as those of liberals, and they need to recognize that.


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