The Establishment Is In A Panic About A Defeat They Never Saw Coming

The establishment in Washington was sure Donald Trump was doomed to defeat.

Hillary Clinton led by nearly eight points in the national polls coming out of the Democrat convention and held a comfortable Electoral College lead.

But recent polls show the gap closing to two points and the establishment has erupted into a full-blown panic over the new dynamics of the race.

Astonishingly, the panic includes many Republican consultants, operatives, and media figures.

They are known as the #NeverTrump Republicans and are actively working to undermine Trump’s campaign to make sure Hillary Clinton wins the White House.

Buzzfeed spoke to some of the establishment Republicans who are in shock that Hillary’s lead is slipping away.

These establishment figures were quoted as saying how they want Hillary Clinton to win the election and are panicked over the possibility of a populist insurgent now winning.

However, many of them had no names attached to their statements.

Buzzfeed reports:

 “It’s terrifying,” said one GOP consultant, who like others spoke to BuzzFeed News on condition of anonymity. “He’s not qualified … and it’s a massive problem. I’m not a fan of Hillary Clinton, but at least I feel like some of those jobs that are required for president, she could do them…

 …Rick Wilson, a Florida-based GOP consultant now working on Evan McMullin’s independent presidential campaign, said few of his #NeverTrump compatriots believe a case of pneumonia will sink Clinton’s candidacy. But her impulse to conceal the illness — and her campaign’s clumsy response once it was revealed — reinforced a core political weakness.

“There are a lot of Republicans on the ‘Never Trump’ side that are starting to feel very nervous,” Wilson said, “because no matter how minor the next thing is there’s a possibility [the Clinton campaign] is gonna screw it up by lying about something. They can’t help themselves. It’s genetic…

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  …A lot of these guys are really pissed,” said a conservative donor adviser. Over the summer, when Trump’s campaign was foundering, “they thought they’d gotten a pass — but now that Clinton is going off the rails, they’re like, ‘Damn it, now am I gonna have to give this guy money?…

 …Asked why they wouldn’t go on record criticizing Trump, several Republicans said they were worried about professional repercussions from conservative clients. In the meantime, many of them are preparing to do something they once considered unthinkable: pulling the lever for Hillary.

 “I live in a swing state,” said one consultant. “If it’s close, I’ll vote for Hillary Clinton. I’ll regret doing it. It’ll be the first time on a presidential level that I’ll be voting for a Democrat. But I feel like it’s my obligation as an American to do it.”

 Another strategist in a similar situation said he recently found himself engaging in a wishful Google search: “How late can you replace a major-party nominee?”

 “I think Joe Biden would be a slam dunk, right?” he mused, in a tone that sounded almost affectionate. “Wouldn’t that be an amazing track for Biden’s career? Saving the free world by stopping Donald Trump.”

Establishment Republicans – who serve a donor class, and demand globalist trade deals and open borders – have much to lose if Trump wins the election.

Trump has promised to renegotiate the North American Free Trade Agreement and stop the Trans-Pacific Partnership deal Obama is trying ram through Congress before his time in office is up.

Trump’s strong stance to stop illegal immigration would deprive the Big Business lobby of their supply of cheap labor which has depressed the wages of American citizens on the lowest rungs of the economic ladder.

Hillary Clinton would be Big Government business as usual – which is an environment more suitable for establishment Republicans than the GOP following Trump’s populist lead.

But because of mounting concerns regarding the lies Hillary has told about her health and email scandal, her poll numbers continue to sink.

Now the elites in both parties – but also a growing number of Republicans – are starting to contemplate the idea that Trump could actually win the election.

And these establishment figures are not taking it well.

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