The Media Said Trump’s Wall Would Be TINY. Now We Know EXACTLY How Big It Will Be…

Many disbelieving liberals have consistently claimed that Trump’s planned border wall will never be built — or that it will be small, if it is. Well, once again, they’re SO wrong.

As shown by a pair of contract notices posted online, the Trump administration plans to construct a 30-foot-high wall and it will be near-impossible to climb over, dig under, or cut through. Furthermore, border wall proposals, which are due by March 29th, will be overseen by both Border Protection and the Department of Homeland Security. (via Associated Press).

Throughout his campaign, Trump’s claims that his government would build a “big, beautiful wall” routinely received the loudest cheers from crowds all across the country. The chant “Build The Wall” also became synonymous with Trump rallies.

Until now, Democrats and the liberal media have consistently maintained that this proposed border wall would “never” be built.

Other talking heads have claimed that the wall would never be a big enough deterrent to illegal immigration from Mexico and Central America. Another common criticism of President Trump’s border wall with Mexico is that his plan to have Mexico pay for its construction is deluded.

As with everything else, the left has been proven wrong once again. A 30-foot-high wall with automatic gates and enhanced security via Border Patrol agents will ABSOLUTELY block millions of illegals from pouring into America’s Southwest. Also, by protecting the previously porous border with Mexico, President Trump’s wall would also be a deterrent to Islamic terrorism.

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How? Well, even though it is never reported by the mainstream media, Islamic terrorists are active in Latin America and know full well that lax security at the U.S.-Mexico border is an open invitation. According to Spain’s intelligence services, ISIS and Hezbollah operatives recruit and raise money throughout Latin America in order to fund terror attacks inside of the U.S., via Judicial Watch.

American military commanders like General John Kelly, the former commander of U.S. Southern Command and the current Secretary of Homeland Security, warned lawmakers last summer that the Obama administration was doing very little to combat Islamic terrorism in Latin America and the Caribbean, via Breitbart.

Such negligence has led to growing insecurity in the Western Hemisphere. Trinidad and Tobago has already earned the ignoble distinction of being the top exporter of ISIS terrorists in the entire region, via The Atlantic.

President Trump’s repeated guarantees that Mexico will pay for the border wall are also quite simple. In essence, the U.S. will stop or heavily tax remittance payments from Mexican citizens, both legal and illegal, that go back to relatives across the border every year. In November 2016, remittance payments alone accounted for $2.4 million, via The Washington Examiner.

By scaling back remittances, which the Mexican government relies on, President Trump will leverage a deal whereby Mexico and/or Mexicans living in the United States WILL pay for the 30-foot-high wall.


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