The Numbers Are In – Here's Who Is The Best-Liked Member Of Trump's Administration


A new Morning Consult/Politico poll showed that a 46 percent plurality of voters held a favorable view of President Donald Trump’s daughter Ivanka, who last month officially joined her father’s administration as an unpaid adviser.

Only 36 percent of voters professed an unfavorable view of Ivanka, while a meager 17 percent claimed they had “never heard of” her.

These numbers made Ivanka the “most popular adviser among White House staff,” according to The Hill. Even senior counselor Kellyanne Conway, who played a pivotal role in the president’s success in the election last year, fared worse than Ivanka, garnering a favorability rating of only 30 percent.


The reasons for Ivanka’s solid popularity likely lie with her bipartisan approach to politics, as she has acquired a reputation for touting what some conservatives have complained were Democrat policies.

She met with Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards three months ago, for instance, leading some hard-line conservatives to wonder whether Ivanka was “stumping for Planned Parenthood behind closed doors.”

Conservatives have been equally critical of the first daughter’s push for equal wages, arguing that her claim that a gender-based wage gap exists was patently false.

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“The gap between the average salaries for men and women is not evidence that women are not getting paid equally for equal work,” the conservative Red State blog argued earlier this month in a rebuttal to Ivanka’s embrace of wage gap claims. “The gap exists because on average women choose different career paths than men do.”

These criticisms did not imply that Ivanka was a liberal Democrat but rather that she was open-minded toward Democrat policies and positions.

The irony was that despite her attempts to cross the aisle on some issues, Ivanka has been repeatedly smeared and tarnished by the far left, as noted by The Federalist contributor Nicole Russell.

Russell argued that to the far left, “Ivanka is the spoiled rich kid, sharing an office next to daddy’s and modeling fake feminism,” while former President Bill Clinton’s daughter, Chelsea, “is a stoic heroine of her own feminist tale, unrelated to her parents’ successes and untouched by their flaws.”


This despite the two women holding similar views on LGBTQ issues, pay preferences for women, childbirth leave mandates and abortion, according to Russell.

But even though Ivanka somewhat mirrored Chelsea Clinton, who was not at all beloved by the right, she still held an impressive 67 favorability rating among Republicans, according to a PredictWise and Pollfish survey published last month.

One could argue that conservatives were willing to accept Ivanka as one of their own, despite some differences in ideology. The far left, however, was unwilling to do the same.

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