The U.S. Military Just Bombed The SH*T Out of ISIS. No More Waiting For Obama!

Donald Trump is now officially the 45th president of the United States! Things are going change in America — right now. What just happened to ISIS is only the beginning!

Two B-2 stealth bombers blasted the unholy hell out of two ISIS training camps in Libya. The Wednesday night attack included the dropping of 108 precision-guided bombs on the radical Islamic terrorists, via Fox News.

Obama now officially has a “former” in front of his title. In the final days of his presidency, our top generals finally got their way and began carrying out missions to meet the goals of the incoming 45th president of the United States!

The jihadists scattered upon realizing American bombers were upon them. Drones followed the B-2 bombers and launched missiles and “cleaned up” any ISIS militants still in the area.

American heroes killed about 85 terrorists at these ISIS training camps. The camps WERE located about 30 miles southwest of Sirte, a coastal Libyan city.

The ISIS jihadists training at the camps were “actively plotting operations” in Europe, according to outgoing Defense Secretary Ash Carter. If Obama had not waited so long to do what needed to be done, the bulk of the ISIS terrorists at the camps would not have already fled the area.

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Donald Trump will not hesitate to act and fulfill his promise to wipe radical Islamic terrorism off the face of the earth. Unlike Obama, he will LISTEN to the top generals and advisers in his administration and get the job done!

Carter said the last ISIS strike of the Obama administration was tasked with giving ISIS the “lasting defeat it deserves.” While the bombers did an excellent job of quickly destroying the ISIS training camps, Obama tried far too late and did too little to claim that he had a lasting impact on the Islamic State.

The amazing B2 bombers President Trump now has at his disposal will likely be a key element in the fight against ISIS. The bombers used in the ISIS training camp strike took off from a base in Missouri and refueled at least five times midair to accomplish their mission.

“The B-2 Spirit is the world’s most technologically-advanced strategic bomber and brings massive firepower to bear, in a short time, anywhere on the globe,” Air Force spokesman Capt. Mark Graff said. President Trump doubled-down on plans to beef up the United States Military during his inauguration speech, something soldiers and their loved ones most assuredly cheered for!

The entire world just got reminded that the United States can strike anywhere in the world departing from our own soil. It is a message they would do very well to pay attention to or they will pay a dear price.


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