This Fox News Host SCHOOLED The IDIOTS On ‘The View’ On Hillary’s LIES To America

It’s always satisfying to see liberal idiots run their mouth about things they know nothing about, then get rightly shut down in front of an audience. It’s the sort of just desserts that make watching political pundits bearable. Otherwise, it would just be a bunch of incessant talking heads that don’t learn anything, which is exactly what we get most of the time with the yapping voices of ‘The View.’

As most of the women on The View are die-hard liberals, it makes sense that they would defend Hillary Clinton, even after she was found to have lied to the American public by James Comey, the director of the FBI in his investigation. However, one of the women, Jedediah Bila, former Fox News host, is a conservative and approached the situation with the facts of the matter and absolutely obliterated Joy Behar and Whoopi Goldberg, each of which made unsubstantiated claims about Trump, the US government, and society in general.

Goldberg waved her hands around like a maniac before stammering her broken point, while Bila just sat there and let the facts speak for themselves.

I can’t stop cheering her on. Goldberg and Behar needed to be taken down a peg. Who’s with me?!

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