This Morning Trump Walked Out And Said The ONE Thing Obama Didn’t Want Getting Out

President Trump’s tweets from this weekend are hilarious. They were tweeted from his perch in Camp David. Look what he said this wonderful Sunday morning. See what Trump tweeted below. The third one is the best.

That was punch number 1. Ouch.

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Ewwww… That’s right. The economy is booming. Get ready for the Obama smack down.

Ouch. It is early in the morning and Trump is already ruining Obama’s day. Other polls are putting Trump at about 40% with a 53% disapproval. Other polls have Trump’s approval averaging at about 38%… but who cares?

We all know that polls are total horse spit. Remember this whopper. I do.

The media can keep lying and lying and lying and we will not listen. The media can say that they are about to Trump down and we know they are full of farce. The media can say things like “Trump is working with Russia” get proven wrong and then say literally a week later that he is up to some new criminal act.

To all the father’s reading this, have a great Father’s day. Let’s wish our President a happy father’s day. We know the media won’t.

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