Thug Pulls Fake Gun on Cashier… Clerk Pulls Out Heavy Artillery


When a masked man recently attempted to rob a convenience store in Fairfield, California, using a fake gun, the convenience store clerk taught him a major lesson and whipped out his own gun, except the clerk’s was real.

The would-be robber walked into the tobacco and vape shop about 12:40 p.m. Saturday and pointed his “gun” at the clerk, according to the San Francisco Chronicle. Thinking the weapon in his face was real and fearing for his own life, the clerk pulled out his gun and shot the man in the chest.

Investigators who responded to the scene found that the criminal had only a realistic-looking BB gun, but determined that the clerk had reasonably believed that it was real and acted in self-defense.


Upon arrival, officers found the criminal — who has not yet been identified — lying on the floor and bleeding from the chest. They immediately performed first aid to him until emergency personnel arrived and took him to a hospital where he has been listed in critical condition.

Several witnesses told investigators the gunman entered the store wearing a mask, before pulling a gun from his waistband in an attempt to rob the place, according to KPIX.

Felicia Williams, a friend of the store clerk and customer of the store, said she was “disturbed” by what happened.


“Everybody’s kind of shocked a little bit,” she said, according to KTXL. Williams and other customers also noted that they believed the clerk acted heroically by protecting himself, another employee and the business.

“This is a good place,” Williams said. “I felt he did what he was supposed to do.”

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Fairfield police Sgt. Matt Bloesch agreed, noting that although the suspect’s gun was fake, the clerk “had no idea.”

“[The clerk] lawfully possessed that firearm, he shot the man that was robbing his store because he feared for his life and he was defending himself, and he was defending another person,” Bloesch said.


Police determined that the store clerk legally possessed his firearm, and he was not facing any charges related to the incident.

Watch KTXL’s coverage of the shooting here, including surveillance footage from the attempted robbery:

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This is why the Second Amendment is so important, enabling lawful gun owners like this store clerk to protect himself from criminals seeking to do him and his workplace harm.

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