Tillerson Makes Tough Call… Big Win for Small Gov


Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has begun fulfilling President Donald Trump’s mission to reduce the size of government and save taxpayers a boatload of money by proposing to eliminate 2,300 jobs at the State Department.

If implemented, the plan would trim the State Department’s budget by more than a quarter and its staff by approximately 3 percent, according to The Associated Press.

The majority of the job cuts would be attained through attrition, or the process of waiting for employees to simply retire, while the remainder would be acquired via buyouts. As noted by The AP, buyouts would be offered first to employees over the age of 50 who have at least two decades of government service under their belts.


The cuts were expected to take approximately two years to materialize, according to Bloomberg, though the results could wind up lasting far longer.

During an interview Friday with NPR, Tillerson explained that he was hoping to make the department far more efficient and effective.

“We are undertaking a reorganization of the State Department, but it’s not just a collapse of boxes,” he said. “What we really want to do is examine the process by which the men and women — the career foreign service people, the civil servants, our embassies — how they deliver on that mission.”


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Suffice it to say, just throwing a bunch of people together into one department wasn’t doing the trick. Changes were needed, and he intended to bring forth those changes.

Also on the chopping block were departmental policies: “(T)here are a lot of rules — and people follow the rules, and you look at the rule, and you say … ‘Why do we do it that way?’ And no one can seem to remember why we did it that way.”

“Now, I’m sure the rule was put in place once upon a time to address a specific situation, and then because of the way our government changes every four, eight years, a lot of these rules get left in place and no one ever goes back to reexamine them,” he added.

He was correct on all counts. Just as people change year by year, so do governments.


And governments that don’t keep up with this change — well, they sometimes encounter unwanted problems.

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