Trump Campaign Reports Record-Smashing Voter Numbers From FL and NC

In this highly contentious general election, early voting numbers have taken on a new importance. Both Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton and Republican Donald Trump have pushed supporters to vote early, and the results are just starting to trickle in.

While the actual votes for the candidates won’t be known for some time, the numbers of Republicans and Democrats who have cast their ballots is a matter of record.

Given that most polls show that roughly 80 to 90 percent of Republicans and Democrats support their respective parties’ nominees, it’s safe to say that most people who voted early voted along partisan lines.

Appearing on Fox News on Sunday morning, senior communications adviser for the Trump campaign Jason Miller stated that Trump is ahead in Florida and North Carolina, two states that are critical for his chances of winning the presidency.

“Usually Republicans start off behind with absentees in early voting,” he explained to host Melissa Francis. “We’re already 100,000 votes ahead of the pace of where Mitt Romney was four years ago.”

“We’re 35,000 ahead of the delta of where it was four years ago,” Miller said, speaking about North Carolina.

Miller credited a higher-than-average Republican turnout, coupled with a lower than average Democratic turnout, as the reason for the surge.

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You can watch his full remarks below:

Friday’s news that the FBI is taking a new look at the Clinton email scandal is sure to cause many Democrats to reconsider their support for Clinton, as well as re-energize any Republicans who may have been having doubts about the election.

Regardless of what the polls show, this race is too close to call right now. That is why you MUST go out and vote. In this election, quite literally, every vote counts.

Trump needs your help to get ahead. More importantly, America needs your help to get back on the path to prosperity and decency.

H/T The Gateway Pundit

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