Trump Definitely Doesn’t Want This Conservative Pundit Moderating a Presidential Debate

Questions about whether or not Donald Trump will participate in the presidential debates has been gaining some traction. The candidate, however, has said he does plan to debate, as long as the moderator is “fair.”

During an interview Thursday, conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt dropped names of a few potential moderators, suggesting fair-minded hosts Chuck Todd of NBC News and Jake Tapper, Dana Bash and Wolf Blitzer of CNN. He also mentioned conservative CNN commentator Mary Katherine Ham.

“I’ve never gotten along with her — no,” Trump said moments later. “Never gotten along.”

“No, she is not a fan of mine, and I’ve never gotten along with her,” he continued. “[I] don’t know her. I don’t know her, but she says only bad things, so let’s cross her name off.”

Hewitt tweeted he was “surprised” to learn Trump feels Ham has been unfair to him.

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Trump’s issue with the conservative pundit could date back to a Republican primary debate in February, when Ham pressed the billionaire businessman on healthcare.

“Mr. Trump, in the Democratic primary, Hillary Clinton has criticized Bernie Sanders’ plan for single-payer government healthcare, noting int would require big, across-the-board tax increases for Americans. In doing so, she’s doubling down on Obamacare, despite its persistent unpopularity,” Ham said.


Then came the question: “Mr. Trump, you have said you want to repeal Obamacare. You’ve also said, ‘Everybody’s got to be covered,’ adding, ‘The government’s going to pay for it.’ Are you closer to Bernie Sanders’ vision for healthcare than Hillary Clinton’s?”

In respsone, Trump, now the Republican nominee for president, said he’s “closer to common sense,” assuring her he would repeal Obamacare if he wins the presidency in November. He said he would “replace Obamacare with something so much better,” telling Ham he wants to remove barriers between states so insurance companies can compete.

See his full response to Ham’s question below:


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