Trump Gets MAJOR Endorsement That’ll Have Hillary SHAKING With Rage

In an appearance on Fox Business Network, the niece of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. gave an endorsement to Donald Trump, saying she supported his plans for black communities and urban renewal.

Alveda King, the daughter of the civil rights leader’s only brother, A.D. King, added that “urban communities … are kind of overrun with Democrat leaders” and that hasn’t been a good thing for African-Americans.

“I listened very carefully to everything Mr. Trump has said in the last 72 hours or so and I fully agree with so many of the things that he’s saying,” Alveda King said during her Friday appearance. “He has taken a page from the book of my daddy, A. D. King, and my uncle Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., looking at the climate, people and really being concerned about what’s happening in every community across America.”

“I would like to see our black young men and women get out of jail, get back to work, and get back to school,” she continued. “It sounds very promising, the plan that Mr. Trump is presenting for the urban communities.

“Because right now, many of our urban communities that are kind of overrun with Democrat leaders, like mayors and all that kind of thing, there’s a lot of trouble in those cities. And I believe that whichever candidate who has the platform that can put America back to work, back to church, back to school, and make us healthy again, I believe that that’s an excellent platform.”

Although Republican nominees usually get a low proportion of black voters, Trump has made a point to address certain policies to the African-American community, and it has paid off. He’s done well with black voters in polls, garnering up to 14 percent in some tracking polls.

Every endorsement from a black luminary infuriates the Democrats and Hillary, too, as they’re convinced that black voters should be the strict province of the left — no matter how little Democrats have done for African-Americans over the years.

With endorsements like Alveda King’s, that number could continue to grow — and spell doom for Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party.

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