Trump Gets Stunning News From Married Women

If the left expects women voters to push Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton into the White House in November, they’d better start developing a Plan B.

According to a new CNN released Wednesday only 36 percent of married women favored Clinton.

The results made perfect sense given that Clinton has aligned herself with liberal values, which tend to be explicitly anti-family and thus detrimental to society’s long-term health. And since married women have families to care about, it can be surmised that these potential consequences disturb them.

LifeZette highlighted some of these aftereffects of unrestrained liberalism. Take for instance the liberal belief that men who identify as women should be permitted to use the bathroom of their choice.

“Family women with children seem to not find such a political platform particularly appealing,” LifeZette explained.

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The same applied for a number of other liberal ideas and beliefs, such as the promotion of unrestrained abortion, sexual promiscuity and single-parent homes, to name a few. All posed negative consequences for traditional families and, more importantly, for the offspring of those mothers trying to raise their children properly.

It was therefore no wonder that married women were turning their backs to Clinton and presumably embracing the more family-centric policy positions of her main opponent, GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump.

The billionaire candidate’s platform represented a path back toward some (though not all) of those traditional values that made America great in the first place, whereas Clinton’s entire shtick has revolved around further deteriorating the nation.

Simply put, while Clinton wanted to push America ever closer to moral decadence and perhaps even collapse, Trump wanted to “make America great again.”

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