Trump Gives Promised $1 Million in Hurricane Relief, Tacks on Perfect Insult for Obama


President Donald Trump’s massive donation to relief efforts puts former President Barack Obama and the mainstream media to shame.

Trump honored his commitment to donate $1 million to Hurricane Harvey relief efforts, with the money divvied out to several organizations that are helping people in desperate need.

Rather than donating $1 million to a single organization, Trump instead wrote 12 checks for several organizations leading relief efforts after the catastrophic storm brought destruction across Southeast Texas.


As noted by Biz Pac Review, Trump donated $100,000 each to Reach Out America and Samaritan’s Purse — two Christian ministries.

The American Red Cross and the Salvation Army each received $300,000, the largest donations from the president.

The other eight groups – Team Rubicon, Habitat for Humanity, Operation Blessing, Portlight Inclusive Disaster Strategies, ASPCA, Catholic Charities, Direct Relief, and the Houston Humane Society – received $25,000 each.


The president tweeted on Sunday that it was his “great honor” to donate to several relief organizations, but his massive contribution wasn’t enough for some of his detractors.

After calling him “don the crooked con,” one Trump-hater downplayed the significance of the $1 million donation by saying Trump and his family have “mooched” more than that off America.

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English actor Scot Williams said donating $1 million wasn’t a big deal compared to Trump’s supposed wealth.


Zachary Elwood, another Twitter user with too much time on his hands, mocked Trump by suggesting his donation was a “great payoff in convincing your sheep you have lot more money than you do. It’s got great ROI. Like not taking salary!”

Forbes noted that former President Barack Obama donated roughly $1.1 million to charitable organizations — during his entire presidency.

That means Trump almost donated more to charitable causes in one sitting than Obama did in eight years, yet liberals still criticize Trump.

Rather than admit Trump put Obama to shame with his donation to Americans in desperate need of assistance, liberals like MSNBC contributor Joy Reid are now attacking Trump for not donating as much as celebrities.

Talk about pathetic. One thing is evident — Trump doesn’t care what Hollywood elitists or his haters think. He’s out to help everyday Americans, and he’s doing exactly that.

H/T Biz Pac Review

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