Trump Just Hit Frederica Wilson With Devastating Sneak Attack That Has Her In Full Panic Mode ⋆ US Herald

The MSM is at it again, running with Congresswoman Frederica Wilson’s story that President Trump made insensitive remarks during a phone call to a Gold Star family.

For the most part, it looks like Wilson is your run-of-the-mill Democrat. Ever since Trump took office, she has been calling for his impeachment, calling him racist, and engaging in all the other shenanigans that liberals are doing.

Well, it now appears that Wilson has some skeletons in her own closet, and the whole accusations against Trump may just be a ruse to deflect attention from her own scandal.

As it turns out, Wilson had accounts that were managed by none other than Imran Awan. This is the IT staffer for the Democrat party that was implicated in cybersecurity violations. Awan is also believed to have managed the accounts of members of the House Homeland Security Committee.

When his discreet activities were uncovered, Awan attempted to flee to Pakistan in July but was apprehended before he can skip the country. He was also charged with bank fraud. It has been alleged that Awan and four others made as many as 5,400 unauthorized logins on a government server.

Wilson clearly knows no shame, using a family’s tragedy to score political points. Wilson was in the car with the widow and mother of Army Sergeant La David Johnson, who was killed while on a mission in Niger. Wilson claimed that a call came in from Trump to send his condolences. During the conversation, he allegedly told the grieving wife that her fallen husband “knew what he was signing up for.”

Trump has denied the allegations, calling it a total lie.

Look, Trump can be a bit bombastic at times, but to suggest that he would make off-the-cuff remarks to a Gold Star widow is just pushing it too far.

Is Wilson just pushing the story to fake news to keep attention away from her own scandal?


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