Trump Meets Families, Victims of Ohio State Attack, Praises First Responders

President-elect Donald Trump said Thursday it was “a great honor” to meet with victims of last month’s attack on the campus of Ohio State University and the campus police officer who shot the attacker dead.


In the incident, Somalia native Abdul Razak Ali Artan drove a car into a group of students, then emerged with a knife and started slashing passersby before he was killed. Thirteen people were injured.

Trump’s 30-minute meeting with the families and campus police officer Alan Horujko, which took place as Trump was en route to a “thank you” tour event in Iowa, was private.

“This is a great honor for me today,” Trump said afterward.

“We’re in a fantastic state that I love, Ohio. And we just saw the victims and the families. These were really brave people, amazing people. The police and first responders were incredible. The job — in particular by one young gentleman — was incredible. I got to meet him, and he was very brave,” Trump said.

“The families have done so well to come through this so well. And so, a lot of respect,” he added.

Trump had reacted to the attack with a mix of outrage for the attack and support for the first responders.

Although ISIS took credit for the attack, officials have suggested the attacker was a self-radicalized Muslim.

As reported by Western Journalism, one of the survivors of the attack declined to meet with Trump, in part because of Trump’s tweet about the immigration status of the attacker.

William Clark, an Ohio State University engineering professor, said he was “put off” by Trump’s response to the attack.

“I was frankly a little put off by Mr. Trump’s initial reaction to the attack where he got on Twitter and quickly blamed immigration policies for allowing this to happen,” he said. “I’ve been a professor for 35 years and I know these issues when students do these things, they’re often more complex than that.”

During a speech later Thursday in Iowa, Trump referenced the Ohio State attack.

“This horrific assault is just one more tragic reminder that immigration security is national security. A Trump administration will always put the safety and security of American people first,” he said.

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