Trump Plans Executive Order to Help Historically Black Colleges


President Donald Trump has signed a number of executive orders during his first few weeks in office — several of which have caused an outcry among liberals who see them — or pretend to see them — as “racist.”

One of Trump’s upcoming executive orders may be enough to cause these whining liberals to shut their mouths, though. According to several reports, Trump is considering an executive order aimed at helping historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs).

And it could change the public image of the Trump White House in a major part of the Democrat voting base.


Citing anonymous sources within the Trump administration, BuzzFeed reported last week that that an executive order is in the works possibly regarding federal funding for HBCUs.

Given the site’s recent history, Trump supporters have plenty of reasons to suspect any news out of BuzzFeed, but on Tuesday, the U.K. Daily Mail published an interview with an unnamed White House source who described a potential executive order that would ease some regulations on HBCUs as well as channel more federal funding in their direction.

“I think at its core, these charges of being racist, I think they really bother him,” the source told the Daily Mail. “I think there’s a sincerity to engage.”


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And last week, the HBCU Digest published a column that welcomed Trump’s support through a potential executive order, and contained scathing criticisms of former President Barack Obama’s treatment of the country’s historically black colleges.

“It’s not fair that in the last 24 hours, Trump and his cabinet has generated more goodwill between the White House and black colleges than Obama was disinclined to even feign in three commencement speeches and eight national HBCU week conferences — none of which he attended,” Jarrett Carter Sr. wrote. “And with one executive order unique to HBCU federal support, Trump could become one of the greatest advocates black colleges have ever seen.”

It is unclear what Trump’s order would do specially for HBCUs. Carter suggested in his piece that it could be “two years of free tuition for students attending public or private HBCUs, or mandates five percent of federal research grants and contracts to be awarded to HBCUs,” but so far no concrete details have emerged from the Trump administration.

Despite President Barack Obama’s claims that race relations in America improved under his watch, the opposite was true. Trump campaigned on a promise to help the inner cities and to restore some semblance of peace to our streets because of how horrible things were under Obama.


If Trump does take action on HBCUs, liberals are going to freak out. Their entire opposition to Trump is based on the specious argument that he’s a wild racist.

If Trump does more for HBCUs than America’s only black president did, their arguments against him will become null and void, and no one should ever care what they say about Trump again.

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