Trump Plans to Destroy Obama Era Regs to Send Brutal Message to Middle East


Could President Donald Trump re-impose sanctions on Iran just one year after former President Barack Obama lifted them? The White House says it is very possible.

According to The Washington Free Beacon, the Trump administration is investigating whether they should dismantle the Iran nuclear deal and re-impose sanctions on the country that had been in place for 20 years until Obama dismantled them.

In January 2016, President Obama signed an executive order lifting sanctions on Iran in exchange for compliance with an international nuclear agreement.


As part of the deal, Iran agreed to limit its nuclear program and got its hands on financial assets frozen by the international community for decades.

In a letter to House Speaker Paul Ryan, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson announced that Iran was in compliance with the nuclear agreement, but was nonetheless still a national security threat due to its support for terrorism.

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“President Donald J. Trump has directed a National Security Council-led interagency review of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action that will evaluate whether suspension of sanctions related to Iran pursuant to the JCPOA is vital to the national security interests of the United States,” the letter stated. “When the interagency review is completed, the administration looks forward to working with Congress on this issue.”


The Tehran Times, and Iranian daily newspaper, noted that the president would decide on May 19 whether to re-impose some sanctions that President Obama lifted.

While on the campaign trail, President Trump was quite outspoken that the Iran deal was not a net good for the United States’ interest. He even vowed to “rip it up.”

It seems as if the president is making good on yet another of his campaign promises to put America first.

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