Trump To Go Nuclear With STUNNING Campaign Plan

Presidential nominee Donald Trump may be about to wage the most ambitious campaign for any Republican candidate in decades. According to Politico, Trump has asked the Republican National Committee to staff offices for his campaign in all 50 states, even those that have been traditionally blue.

While the RNC seemed to believe that this was a “waste of time,” it could possibly put non-traditional states into play and capitalize on Trump’s appeal with independent voters.

The plan was certainly a gamble, as it could spread the Republican Party’s resources too thin. According to The Daily Caller, the Republican Party has had trouble reaching ambitious staffing goals.

In the swing state of Ohio, they had hoped for 220 full-time field representatives, but got funding for only 50. Pennsylvania, another key state for Trump to carry, only got funding for 60 out of 190 proposed field representatives.

And in all-important Florida, Donald Trump only has one field office; Hillary Clinton has 12.

Field offices in all 50 states — including ultra-liberal Hawaii and Vermont, for instance — could tax the Republican Party severely.

On the other hand, it could prove to be a fortuitous gamble. Trump has proven to have an ability to attract dissatisfied independent voters, even those who went for socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders. This could put traditionally Democrat states into play and force Hillary Clinton to spend resources there that she could use to target Trump in other states.

In addition, bringing independents into the Republican fold might not get Trump electoral votes in liberal bastions like California and New York, but could help down-ticket races, particularly in the House of Representatives. Even if it yields no electoral votes, offices in those states could be the ticket to success in Congress.

Either way, it’s an ambitious plan, and one that could spell trouble for Hillary Clinton. Trump is a brilliant strategist, and It looks like he’s willing to go nuclear … and that spells danger for the Democrat Party.

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