Trump VP Mike Pence Only Needs 1 Line To Shut Down ‘Dishonest Hillary’

Even when he’s being low-key, Republican vice presidential candidate Mike Pence is on the offensive.

After manhandling the Democrats’ clearly outclassed vice presidential pick Tim Kaine last week, Pence has turned his fire on the mainstream media, which have ramped up efforts to hype a “civil war” between Republican nominee Trump and his party’s leadership.

And the message from Trump’s wingman was clear: Hillary Clinton’s hypocrisy, and the media’s blatant favoritism, just aren’t flying.

In an interview from Iowa with Fox News’ Sean Hannity on Tuesday, Pence said the continuing streams of hacked Clinton-related emails being published by WikiLeaks are showing the Democrat candidate for what she is – a fundamentally dishonest politician.

The leaks are “pulling back the curtain on the fact that Hillary Clinton is different in private than she is in public,” Pence noted.

With a Midwestern flair for understated humor, the Indiana governor deftly destroyed Clinton’s lame excuse during Sunday’s presidential debate that Abraham Lincoln, the first Republican president, had also shifted his wording to suit his audience. It was only one line out of the interview, but it summed it up nicely.

“As a member of the party of Lincoln, I prefer that Dishonest Hillary not associate herself anymore with Honest Abe,” Pence said.

Check out the interview here.

Besides his cuts at Hillary, what’s probably most important to the Trump campaign at this point was Pence’s handling of media reports that a feud between Trump and House Speaker Paul Ryan has fractured the Republican Party.

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It just isn’t so, Pence claimed.

“I know the media likes to focus on a handful of Republicans who have chosen a different course, but we’ve really been overwhelmed to see leaders, and rank-and-file Republicans and many independents and, frankly, at my rallies here in Iowa today, many Democrats who are responding to Donald Trump’s message – that we can make America great again, we can rebuild our military, revive our economy the way Ronald Reagan did in the ‘80s, and we can have appointments to the Supreme Court of the United States that will uphold our Constitution,” he said.

Pence is no political neophyte, of course.

As a veteran congressman and current Indiana governor, he’s made a name for himself in Republican circles and national politics with unabashedly conservative positions that he deftly defends.

He’s also no Trump sycophant. He endorsed Texas Sen. Ted Cruz just before Indiana’s primary (though he praised Trump while making the announcement).

The point is, as his outing with Hannity here shows, Pence has the authority, the temperament and the class to call out Hillary’s deceptions for what they are, and the media’s shameful “double standard” when it comes to covering her while refusing to uncover her myriad transgressions.

And he’s banking on American voters to see through it.

“People here in Iowa and all over the country have had enough of it,” said the GOP V.P. pick..

“What they find in Donald Trump is the same person every day.”

And what Donald Trump found in Mike Pence was about the best wingman he could have asked for. Even “Dishonest Hillary” probably realizes that by now.

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