TRUMP WAS RIGHT! Obama’s Terrorist Secret Just Leaked, Exposes Who He Really Is

The Iran Deal was an enormous failure, but not just for handing over millions of dollars to the depraved state, and getting the nation closer to nuclear capability, and increasing terror around the world. Obama hid another secret in it.

Seven Iranians were being held in our country. As part of the Iran Deal, these people were to be released from our government into the world. We’ve learned that these seven people weren’t citizens of Iran — in fact, they were and are a threat to our national security! (via New York Post)

The Obama Administration thought they could pull the wool over our eyes. At first, We the People were told these seven people were businessmen.

They were supposedly awaiting trials, or were even convicted, for breaking crimes related to sanctions and trade embargoes.

This wasn’t even close to being true. In fact, even Obama’s incompetent Justice Department was investigating some of these people. Obama KNEW these men were dangerous.

Three of these “businessmen” helped get microelectronics, made in our country, to Iran. This technology can be used by military to make cruise missiles!

These three weren’t just breaking trade laws, they were arming a threatening nation that has a habit of giving terrorists weapons and support.

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The same goes for a fourth man, who was actually helping the Iranian government get satellite technology. The possibilities behind this technology have near-endless military applications. You can spy and target much better when you have it.

Obama didn’t care that these people would continue to arm our enemies, putting American lives at risk, and other lives all around the globe. He didn’t care that these actions would only strengthen the terrorists which Iran supports. At this point, it seems like Obama didn’t even care what the American people would think of him if he did this.

It gets worse. Seyed Abolfazl Shahab Jamili was one of the seven men. He specialized in moving nuclear technology. He didn’t just help Iran , he helped China and other countries, as part of a seven year long conspiracy. (via Politico)

The criminal Jamili gave away hundreds of sensors involved in producing enriched uranium. These were manufactured right here, in the USA.

Prosecutors knew how dangerous these men were, and knew of other men involved in the same dark “business.” In fact, they requested to be allowed to try to lure these men to countries which would, in turn, arrest them and send them to our soil for prosecution.

The Obama Justice Department, and State Department, denied these requests. It was never Obama’s priority to stop terrorism, or prevent threats to our lives and livelihood. It’s obvious Obama is a terrorist-enabler, at worse, he’s even on their side!


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