Trump's "Frighteningly" Similar Counterpart Has Lib Media in a Frenzy


With the similarities growing ever stronger between the upcoming French presidential elections this month and the American presidential race in November, liberals are starting to get a bad case of deja vu.

Could a Donald Trump-like surprise be on the way?

In an op-ed published by CNN this week, World Policy Journal editor-emeritus David A. Andelman lamented the “frightening similarities” between the 2016 U.S. presidential contest and the ongoing presidential campaign in France.


Andelman’s concern lay with the French media’s “wishful thinking” and “broad assumptions” that right-wing National Front party nominee Marine Le Pen  — a woman whose personality and policies are often compared to Trump — stood zero chances of winning.

As Andelman noted, the American media had felt the exact same way about Trump, dismissing his candidacy as a joke from the get-go, all because he had the temerity to promote those allegedly radical policies that the Republican base truly desired.

“Le Pen wants to remove France from the European Union, ditch the euro as its currency and pull back from NATO,” Andelman whined, the insinuation being that the policies she supports were just as radical as Trump’s. “She’s also keen on banning Muslim veils in public and chopping all immigration from Islamic nations.”


Oh, the horror of this woman wanting to enforce the law and protect her citizens …

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And just like with the U.S. election, the polls in France — all of which for the most part reportedly showed Le Pen’s opponents either outperforming her or tying her — might not be telling the whole story, Andelman added.

“Le Pen’s base barely talks to pollsters or journalists,” he wrote. “Since most French polling is done online — and many of her most passionate supporters rarely spend much time online, though France is among the world’s most connected countries — her real strengths may remain to be realized.”

But there’s more: The agitated commentator also bemoaned all the alleged “fake news” stories about Le Pen’s opponents and, not surprisingly, laid the blame for these stories on the evil Russians.


It’s like déjà vu. Once again a dynamic figure has risen through the political trenches and captivated the hearts of a movement desperate for meaningful change and reform. And once again the liberal media is too blind to acknowledge the obvious.

The only difference is that it’s happening in another country. Other than for that, it’s like watching Trump’s became president. Except that there’s nothing remotely “frightening” about seeing Le Pen’s majestic rise.

If anything, it’s awesome for both the citizens of France — and their allies here in the United States.

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