U.S. Marine Sends HARDCORE Letter to Muslim Dad Who LIED About Trump

Remember Khizr Khan? The Muslim father of a fallen U.S. soldier, who Hillary Clinton paraded around during the election to slander President Trump? Well, he has surfaced again to aid the Democrats in their dirty ploys to discredit the “travel ban.”

One letter was sent by military veteran Chris Mark called him out after he openly trashed Trump, stating “Are you intimating that YOU sacrificed? “ (via GlobalRiskInfo.com)

Not one to be swayed, Khan kept to his narrative, and is still pretending that Trump’s travel ban effects things it most certainly does not. Khan has now claimed that President Trump’s travel ban executive order has barred him from entering Canada.

However, that is a complete and utter fabrication. The lie is so bold, that even the incredibly-biased Snopes.com refused to cover for him. (via Snopes)

Khan was an operative of the Democrats from the beginning. As the veteran points out in his letter, Khan has no credibility, and he has been caught in yet another lie.

Khan was scheduled to appear in Toronto for an event hosted by RamsayTalks. Khan cancelled the trip after he supposedly received a letter claiming that his travel privileges were being reviewed.

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Yet RamsayTalks has no idea what Khan is talking about. It is unknown who, if anyone, got in touch with Khan, and RamsayTalks was not notified of the cancellation.

As a naturalized citizen, Khan is able to leave and enter the country as he chooses, provided he has a valid passport. If Khan was denied entry, the Canadian Border Patrol would have made that decision — not Trump!

Chris Mark’s letter makes a great point about Khan’s behavior. It says: “I am troubled that you would allow a party that has little more than contempt for the US Service Member to parade you into the DNC to denounce Donald Trump. Did you watch when protesters at the DNC booed and heckled Medal of Honor recipient Capt. Florent Groberg? Did you notice your party interrupting the moment of silence for slain police officers? Your own hypocrisy in not denouncing these acts and instead using the DNC as a platform to make a political point is disgraceful.”

The Democrats must be providing Khan with some sweet incentives to convince him to disregard the honor of his son. Otherwise, I could not understand why a gold star family would support the party that hates our military, our veterans, and our guns.

Every time Khan opens his ugly mouth, it is to tell a lie. This man is a disgrace to the legacy of his son, who was a true American hero.


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