U.S. Muslims Flaunt “Allah” On Plane, Flight Attendant Has Brilliant Response

arning, Muslims, if you want to chant “Allah” over and over on a plane, there might be repercussions!

Faisal Ali and his wife, Nazia had boarded a Cincinnati bound Delta Air Lines flight in Paris, France. The plane sat on the tarmac for about 45 minutes. During that time, several flight attendants noticed that the husband was sweating, hiding his phone, and that both he and his wife were chanting “Allah” repeatedly. It made the flight attendants uncomfortable, reports the Independent UK.

One of the flight crew (after having cleared it with the captain) approached the couple, and told them to gather their belongings as they would have to exit the plane over “safety” concerns.

Faisal’s wife, Nazia, can be seen in this cell phone video becoming combative, asking if it’s about “discrimination.”

A person who appears to be the captain tells Nazia that it’s a “safety of flight issue.”

Mad World News reports that,

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When the Alis exited, a French police officer was waiting for them outside the gate and an airline worker was carefully reviewing their passports.

The couple went through a brief interrogation process and they were okayed for release. It was then that the Delta employee explained that the pilot had made the decision to kick them off the flight because crew members noticed their particularly strange behavior and felt “uncomfortable.”

The couple was promptly booked on another flight and sent home and has now offered them a refund as a gesture of good will. Of course, this wasn’t enough to satisfy their entitlement. The inconvenience caused by their unconventional behavior was seen by them as being nothing less than a case of “Islamophobia.” So, the couple immediately called the terror-tied, Saudi-funded Council on American-Islamic Relations to whine about their alleged persecution.

CAIR is accusing the airline of repeated profiling of Muslim passengers, and, if this is true, Delta is probably one of the safest airlines to fly. Because France is suffering from a constant barrage of Islamic terrorist attacks, they are taking measures to prevent Muslims from killing their citizens.

Personally, I applaud the flight attendants and the captain. Muslims can scream “Discrimination!” all they want. If you’re acting suspicious, you Will be removed from a flight, especially with all of the terror attacks that have been happening as of late.

The flight crew was acting out of fear for their, and their passenger’s safety. Imagine if the couple Were terrorists. They could’ve taken the plane down, killing hundreds on board. Safety first, as they say. The hell with your feelings about being “discriminated” against. People want to LIVE, and not be attacked by terrorist scum.

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