US Woman Dead in Paris – Here's the Infuriating Way Cops Are Handling Murderer


Reports surfaced of an American woman killed in Paris this week, and what’s even more shocking than her heinous murder is the way French police described her killer. This is sickening — but not really surprising.

According to Breitbart, citing the French publication, Le Parisien, a woman was attacked about 3:45 p.m. Thursday by a knife-wielding vagrant while she was taking photos of street art in Montreuil, the popular eastern suburb of Paris.

The woman was reportedly stabbed several times after the assailant attacked her from behind, ultimately slicing her carotid artery and causing a fatal wound. She was later revealed to be a 50-year-old American tourist.


When police arrived at the scene they were not able to resuscitate the victim, and found the assailant not far from the crime in an alcove still holding onto the bloodied knife. This is where things became all too political in the Parisian news report.

After police realized that the man was a migrant, an apparently very calculated decision was made in the way they chose to describe him to the public. The term du jour then became “recently-arrived.”

“The police found him ‘in a recess next to the crime scene, a blood-stained knife in his hand,’” a police source told Le Parisien, according to Brietbart.


Police sources the man “would have arrived in France recently” and “lived in a nearby vacant lot,” reported, via an internet translation.

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That would make him an immigrant — possibly an illegal immigrant.

France is facing the election of a new president and one of the serious front-runners is far-right party leader, Marine Le Pen, who promises to crack down on immigration if elected.

“Officials have turned a blind eye to illegal immigration for more than 40 years, and have let millions of paperless migrants into the country,” Le Pen said during a civl rights conference in Paris last month.  “The situation is spiraling out of control and things can only get worse.”


However, many on the left do not agree and want to instead welcome the migrants, refugees, and asylum seekers with open arms, not caring about the repercussions of not properly vetting those entering into the country.

People like this murderer, who reports say was homeless and speaking “incoherently.” How is this man able to enter a country, then, soon after entering, murder a woman — all while being treated with respect by the press?

It is because political correctness has come before the safety of citizens and it has to stop. It must stop abroad, and it must stop here at home.

What a tragic way to dishonor the woman’s memory by reporting her murderer as someone who “recently arrived to France.” Call the truth what it is, and realize that the refugee crisis is real.

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