Video Captures Hillary Aide Giving Question To NBC Reporter

How far is the mainstream media in the tank for Hillary Clinton? Well, if this video is to be believed, they’re willing to go so far as to ask questions of the candidate that Clinton’s campaign wants them to ask.

That’s at least the takeaway from this video, which occurred during a news conference after the Wednesday night debate in Las Vegas. Andrea Mitchell of NBC was one of the reporters who was asking questions of the Democrat nominee.

During the conference, held on Clinton’s plane, Mitchell asked Clinton, “How did you feel when he (Donald Trump) said, you know, ‘Nasty woman, nasty woman,’ and ‘You’re a puppet,’ and … the issue of Vladimir Putin?”

That sounds innocuous enough, but check out what was caught on video just moments before that:


Yes, that does appear to be a Clinton campaign operative giving the question to Andrea Mitchell on a cellphone before she asks it after typing it out in plain sight. Perhaps most ironic is that nobody seems to care who sees them doing it.

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Let’s also point out that this isn’t Rachel Maddow or the third-assistant blogger at Daily Kos. This is actually Andrea Mitchell, a respected mainstream media reporter who’s been working for decades and has access to the highest corridors of power. She doesn’t need to be fed questions by Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

And yet, if the coincidence from this video is any indication, she’s being given questions and is perfectly happy being given questions — beer league softball questions, at that.

If you’re a liberal and are wondering why conservatives don’t trust the mainstream media, take a look at this video. Take a good, long look. It will tell you all you need to know about why every American should distrust what’s being fed to us by those at the largest media outlets.

We need an objective media, and we need it now.

H/T The Daily Caller

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