Video: Man Sees His Car Being Towed Away… His Bizarre Next Move Went Mega-Viral


A video of a man who saw his car being towed away went viral because of what he did to keep his car from being repossessed.

The incident happened Aug. 21 in Compton, California, where the man jumped onto the back of the tow truck and began bashing in the rear windows of the truck with a crow bar,

Passersby in another vehicle recorded the bizarre incident as the tow truck drove down the street with the man riding on the back.


According to KTLA, the incident  started about 10 a.m., when the registered owner of the vehicle noticed that the tow truck was taking his vehicle away. The man leaped onto the back of the vehicle in an attempt to stop the repossession — and that’s when things got crazy.

Possibly as a result of the registered owner’s attempts to unhitch the vehicle, the car was not fully on the tow truck. That didn’t stop the tow truck driver from trying to drive the vehicle scraping behind him, though.

And sparks flew — literally.


Take a look at the video below. Warning: Graphic language.

Look at this crazy shit make this go viral lol only in compton

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Posted by Nyiesha McDonald on Monday, August 21, 2017

The video was made by motorists who happened on the incident, according to KTLA.

They tried to get the tow truck to stop or pull over, and even pulled in front of it at one point. Their efforts were fruitless and the tow truck driver kept on driving.


Eventually, Long Beach police arrived and got things under control

KTLA reported that, surprisingly, neither the tow truck driver nor the registered owner were issued a citation.

But that could change, according to KTLA. The man swinging the crowbar might be charged with vandalism.

As for the vehicle that was at the heart of the whole thing, it’s a good bet no one’s going to want it now.


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