Video Montage of Libs Backtracking on Fake News Proves Media Have Lost Their Minds


Following the disappointing (for them) upset of Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, many Democrats and their allies in the liberally biased mainstream media began accusing right-leaning alternative media outlets (such as this one) of spreading so-called “fake news” that was detrimental to Clinton and the country as a whole.

The term “fake news” is generally understood to be a blanket covering media stories with misleading, out of context, inaccurate or blatantly false information passed off as “real” news, according to The Washington Free Beacon.

But as we have covered quite extensively here at Conservative Tribune, it is the mainstream media more so than the alternative press that is most often guilty of perpetuating the thing they so vociferously claim to hate, that is, inaccurate information that at times borders on outright lies with a malicious intent.


The Free Beacon compiled a collection of clips from various media outlets showing them backtracking on just a handful of the many false stories they have spread in the few months since President Donald Trump won the election.

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Some of the “fake news” that was spread by purportedly credible media outlets include the allegations that the 2016 election was “hacked” by the Russians, or that Trump’s election emboldened his supporters to unleash a flurry of hate crimes aimed at minorities, an overwhelming number of which were proven to be hoaxes designed to gain attention and smear Trump supporters.


The media also devoted extraordinary effort to seemingly slander many of Trump’s cabinet nominees, spreading false reports about scandals that never happened or taking ordinary incidents and blowing them out of proportion as being “unprecedented” in their severity.

Of course, they have also attacked Trump and his family relentlessly, accusing them of essentially being the worst people in the world, on par with Hitler and his Nazi cronies, this despite it being the progressive left that has been exhibiting fascist tendencies lately.

Hopefully, the liberal media are beginning to regret ever coining and perpetuating the term “fake news,” as it has ultimately been turned around and fired right back. The mainstream media is now being hoist on its own petard, and deservedly so.

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