VIDEO: Proof That Media Lied About Trump Making Fun Of Disabled Person

The liberal media has a tendency to lie about Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump both to demonize him and to avoid actually addressing the serious issues he has raised throughout his campaign.

One of the most onerous lies about Trump from the media has been their claim, repeated ad nauseum even to this day, that he hates disabled people, an assertion they have based on a clip of him at a November 2015 rally in South Carolina where he was poking fun at a flustered reporter who also happened to suffer from a disability.

According to a lengthy report from a site called Catholics 4 Trump, the clip of Trump flailing his arms wildly was routinely interposed with a still shot of The New York Times reporter Serge Kovaleski.

Kovaleski suffers from a congenital condition known as arthrogryposis, a disability that actually restricts his movement and keeps his right arm mostly immobilized and tight against his body — certainly not flailing around irregularly as the media would have you believe.

Furthermore, video clips from the same rally and others shortly thereafter showed Trump making the same flailing movements with his arms to describe the flustered reactions of both a military general and Texas Sen. Ted Cruz when asked tough questions for which they had no answers.

Here is video of Trump mocking Sen. Cruz at a different rally in South Carolina just days later, making the same sort of flailing movements to signify the flustered nature of his primary opponent.

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As far as it is known, neither the general nor Sen. Cruz suffer from a disability that includes making involuntary movements with their arms.

It would appear as if Trump’s flailing arms were a general impression he did of people caught off guard and incapable of answering direct questions, not a mocking impersonation of someone suffering a disability.

There is no question that the media lies about Trump — and have been lying about him since the day he first entered the presidential race.

This time however, there is proof to expose the lies of the media, so hopefully they will finally drop their trope about him mocking disabled people, which he clearly didn’t do.

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