Vladimir Putin HUMILIATES Obama By Finally Revealing THIS

Vladimir Putin levied a harsh final blow at Barack Obama. This humiliating revelation for Obama also proved enlightening for the American people.

On Thursday, the Kremlin issued a release stating Russia has always been ready to consider making cuts to its nuclear arsenal. Obama claimed otherwise on the eve of his departure when it was too late for the press to question him about the counterclaims by Putin’s government, via RT.

Obama claimed he told Vladimir Putin the United States was ready to move forward with nuclear disarmament. According to Obama, a deal was never made because Russia was not willing to negotiate.

“The Russian side always favored a proportional and fair process of nuclear disarmament,” Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told the press during a conference call. “It can’t be disproportional.”

After lambasting Donald Trump for being willing to sit down with the Russian president, Obama finally admitted America should develop better relations with our former Cold War foe. Obama said launching a “constructive relationship” with Putin is a fine idea.

They have sanctions on Russia — let’s see if we can make some good deals with Russia. For one thing, I think nuclear weapons should be way down and reduced very substantially,” Trump said in a recent interview.

Trump’s willingness to sit down with Putin was sharply criticized by liberals and the mainstream media. Those same folks praised Obama for breaking bread with Cuba’s Communist dictator.

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When lifting the embargo on Cuba, Obama said sanctions do not work and only punish the poor people living under an oppressive regime. A few weeks later, he levied sanctions on Russia. On this matter, Trump has said that sanctions aren’t affecting Russia well, and “something can happen that a lot of people are going to benefit [from].

We all know Hillary Clinton’s Russian reset did nothing to improve relations with Russia. Obama’s decision to kick out 35 Russian diplomats and levy more sanctions after the alleged hacking of DNC emails also doesn’t indicate a willingness to chat about how to move forward with reduced animosity.

“It shouldn’t and mustn’t lead to the breach in nuclear parity, which is vitally important for global stability and security, that’s why we can’t agree with [Obama’s statement],” Peskov added.

The double standard in the Obama administration and the media is obvious to everyone but the culprits.


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