Warren Buffett STUNS Donald Trump With THIS Surprise Announcement

Trump’s appointments have received a lot of undeserved criticism, but Warren Buffett isn’t willing to play along with the liberals’ needless attacks!

Warren Buffett has stated that he “overwhelmingly” supports Trump’s picks for cabinet positions, as they are going through the confirmation process in the Senate, via Bloomberg.

Some of Trump’s cabinet picks include Steven Mnuchin, a former banker with Goldman Sachs Group Inc., for treasury secretary; former Exxon Mobil Corp. CEO Rex Tillerson for the position of secretary of state; and retired Marine Corps General James “Mad Dog” Mattis as the defense secretary.

Buffett is the billionaire chairman and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway Inc., and he stated, “I feel that way no matter who is president. The CEO, which I am, should have the ability to pick people that help you run a place.”

“If they fail, then it’s your fault, and you got to get somebody new,” Buffett stated. “Maybe you change cabinet members or something.”

Buffett was a supporter of Hillary Clinton, raising funds and stumping for her in Nebraska. Buffett often clashed with Donald Trump and criticized him for not releasing his tax returns as candidates have done in the past.

Since Trump has been named the president-elect, however, Buffett has been more understanding and has called for the nation to unite under Trump. In an interview last year, he stated that people can disagree with Trump, but he still “deserves everybody’s respect.”

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But the liberals of the world refuse to follow suit, with CNN and ABC casting skewed polls that show Trump as the least favorable president to be elected in the modern age. As we learned after the votes came in, the liberal mainstream media’s polling is far from reliable.

Buffett has said that the low approval ratings won’t matter too much, saying, “It’s what you go out with that counts — 20, 50 years later what people feel you’ve achieved.” And it’s true. Hopefully, once the people see the good Trump does, they will not criticize him so much.

Democrats should follow Buffett’s great example. He knows the country needs to unite, and he knows that a president’s picks should be approved — after all, it is the president who will have to take responsibility for what his cabinet does.

Buffett has said he’s looking for “the people that haven’t participated in our incredible prosperity” to have a chance to do so. The billionaire stated, “If they work 40 hours a week, they should have a decent life. That’s the most important thing in terms of the economy.”

If you didn’t vote for Trump, that’s fine. You don’t have to like him, but you should support and respect him now that he’s this nation’s leader, especially because his goal is prosperity for ALL.


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